Oh The Memories…

Have you every heard a song and think to yourself, DAMN!, that reminds me of someone or a place you were when you heard it? It happens to me constantly. My music is directly related to my past. Most of my life, there was a song playing in the background. I remember quite a few moments. Like singing in a cab, dancing in a club or even just hanging out with friends. One in particular, is the time I lived with a group of friends in Burnaby back in the early nineties. The Beastie Boy’s Paul’s Boutique was cranked and we were dancing around being crazy as usual.  Thinking of this song makes me smile and laugh to myself as I write this. I was listening to this album just the other day. Someone asked me what album it was and what was on it. I replied simply, “the question is what is not on it?”  The Rick Rubin produced 1989 record is one of the best ever made. It is highly recommended.

A more recent memory from just a few weeks ago is a private show at an old friends house. Crooked Fingers came to play a intimate show for about 25 people, whom of which are my dear friends. I have to admit, I didn’t know a lot of Eric Bachman’s music from Crooked Fingers but I did know the music of his former band, The Archers of Loaf. The show was amazing and now when ever I hear his music I am reminded of that night and my friends.

Now as music can remind you of the ‘good times’, it can also remind you of the bad ones too. There are times (although very few) when I have to turn off a song because it makes me think of  an ex or just a painful experience. The one song I truly can’t listen to again is Etta James’ At Last. For obvious reasons…those who know me well would understand. Don’t get me wrong though. It is a wonderful song and if you’ve never heard it, please do.

One memory I have of my late Father is The Blues Brothers. I think I knew the words to Rawhide before I even saw the movie. There are many classics on this soundtrack. From James Brown to Cab Caloway, Ray Charles and Arthea Franklin, not to mention fellow Canadian Dan Aykroyd and the late great John Belushi.  Personally one of my favorites. I think I have seen the movie 30 times.

Music and road trips go hand in hand. Many road trips of mine are related to the music we listened to. Driving through the winding roads of  Highway 5, up and down the hills,  there with us, were the Pixies. Driving though the Caribou singing at at the top of our lungs to (what else?) Caribou! The Pixies will always be one of my favorites as well. Their albums: Come On Pilgram, Doolittle and Surfer Rosa are must haves. Trompe Le Monde has a few kick ass songs as well including U-Mass. A good listen if you like cow bells and  fist pumps! Remember to pack a ton of music for your next road trip. You never know when you might need to crank a song to keep you from nodding out after driving for 18 hours straight.

I think music and memories go together like Ying and Yang. They are meant to be together. Music is close to my heart and fills my soul. My memories are what makes me me. Together they keep me alive. So ‘hears’ to your next memory, so you never forget.


T Rev

~ by TRev on September 23, 2010.

8 Responses to “Oh The Memories…”

  1. So very true music always bring me but to good times. Lots of memories. Music has got me thru alot of times in my life that were very differcult. Its very healing. HHmmmmm, very curious what song makes you think of me?!?! :$ te he he!!!!

  2. LOL i was always singing that!! 🙂 xoxo

  3. Wow! You’re timing on this post is uncanny. I was having a discussion with friends the other day about how GOOD the Paul’s Boutique album is. It is an absolute classic. Great album. Extremely well written. Extremely well produced. And over twenty years later it is still a good album today.

    As for the Crooked Fingers show, ya that was amazing! I’m working on trying to get Eric back for a second show next year. Stay tuned!

  4. Show Rocked!!! glad i was there, to be a part of it. 🙂

  5. check out my blog

  6. Well frajilak! Although I enjoy Paul’s Boutique, I have one tremendous irritation with it (pardon my slow typing–I sliced my thumb open with a serrated knife during an impromptu barbecue that I hosted alone with my cats and my two next door neighbours who didn’t come to the barbecue but we were taking some very good character shots for my upcoming art show called “Holy Shit! I sliced my thumb off with a serrated bread knife whilst trying to separate two hamburger patties that were obviously meant to be together for all eternity and they retaliated without deliberation. Five stitches later, the doctor was not impressed, but it turned out there were actually eight that I didn’t discover until I washed the blood off my bandages three days later because I have this rule about bandages that comes from tattooing all the stupid, painful parts of my body, which is “don’t take the bandages off until the scabs are self-supporting and don’t need your tender ministrations, just a quick taste of vinaigrette and a handful of mushrooms which are now growing in my front yard on the corpse of the only tree I didn’t tear out with a pick-axe…that motherfucker!”” UN FORTUNATELY, CLOSE RELATIONS AND ERSTWHILE FRIENDS HAVE SAID IN CAPS LOCK THAT THAT IS TOO LONG A TITLE FOR AN ART SHOW. They are also motherfuckers.)

    And the verse track in “Hey Ladies” has a really nice mix of funky guitar and flute, but that was on the original track–I forget the title, but that was my favorite mix and it turns out it was done by actual musicians, rather than a DJ. Go figure.

    Sieve loaned me a 306 tape (back when tapes existed) and I took it in my Mack Truck 50th anniversary rig dropping supplies down at Defense Depot Tracy by San Francisco. I ended up partying with some very cool folk in the sleeper, which was decked out in red velvet and track lights like a strip club, except smaller and with a cat diesel (the shifting sucked–Mack shifting always sucks–so does International–can I have an “Amen!”) Anyway, 306 was the anthem. I know all the words by heart. Shit, I even know the pauses between songs, and I always reminisce about Derek, Katya, and Jen. Not in that order.

    I have no idea who the Crooked Fingers are, but I hope they get orthopedic surgery to correct their feet.

    Shit. I’m typing too slow again.

    • One of the best things about Paul’s Boutique is the use of those original songs. Mixed perfectly. I’m still discovering those songs used on that album. For example: Funky 4+1’s “That’s the Joint”, used in ‘Shake You Rump’ (!)

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